October 26, 2021
Graphic Design Trends to Look for in 2022

A definable brand, one that catches the eye with logos, posters and website design, is more important than ever now as we come out of the pandemic. A recognizable slogan and company name can mean the difference between finding new customers and being left behind by competitors. Here are some graphic design trends 2022, which can be applied to businesses in a litany of markets easily and efficiently: 

Inclusive Visuals and Engaging Graphs and Charts 

Companies now more than ever must make sure they are keeping inclusivity, ease of access and understanding in mind when creating graphics for customers and new clients. By incorporating marginalized groups, less complicated text, and striking visuals, companies can make sure their brand is strong and diverse, and help show how they are working with all communities. 

Merging of the Digital and the Real World 

Real estate and commercial property companies should expect that any documents, press, or announcements they release should be easily readable both online and in print publications. By creating a version of each that works well in both spaces, companies can ensure their news and brand image maintain an appearance of cleanliness and consistency in both spheres of influence. 

Social Screengrabs 

An easy way for companies to highlight their own employees and their successes is to repost personal social media posts regularly on company pages. By allowing their employees to share their news and wins, companies can both support their own regional workers while also showing their audience and customers the human-side of their company, which can help increase brand loyalty and awareness. 


While this trend has been around for a while now, it is still an effective graphic design tool for any company, but specifically ones dealing with properties and transactions. The clean look of numbers, graphs, and information without anything else busying the image can be a boon to property companies looking for concise graphics without sacrificing creative details. This also can assist with conveying brand-messaging faster and easier to those scrolling through their phones or computers. 

Text-Heavy Videos and Subtitles

In addition to inclusivity and diversity in the workforce, graphic design and video can also be a place that companies can expand their accessibility. By implementing text and subtitles into videos, those who are hearing-impaired will be able to engage with content, not to mention the proliferation of users keeping their phones, tablets, and computers on mute, necessitating that videos be easily consumable without sound. Companies that are able to make this switch could see a dramatic increase in the interaction with their videos on social media sites and their own pages.