November 17, 2022
What Makes a Property Hot in the Eyes of the Media


Garnering coverage for clients in any category is nuanced, as is the case for marcomms pros representing real estate clients. We asked a handful of leaders in this space what makes a property hot in the eyes of the media, and what strategies help make a development coverage-worthy.

It turns out that what attracts tenants and residents is what gets the media interested, too. “The most press-worthy buildings today are stretching the boundaries of what’s possible either through amenities, design, hospitality or technology,” says Sarah Berman, founder and president of The Berman Group. “Buildings today must be tenant-centric or resident-centric and must incorporate ‘genuine’ hospitality, whether it is hotel-quality services in a residential development or within commercial spaces. Fisher Brothers has launched @Ease this year in two Midtown locations and the Milstein’s 335 Madison has created a hotel-like environment with a lobby bar, The Perch and a Murakami sculpture as its centerpiece.” 

We’d be remiss not to mention the shifts the real estate industry has gone through as a result of the pandemic – especially for office buildings. Both business leaders and employees are looking for those features that make going back to the office attractive after almost three years of working from home. Not only do spaces need to have some engaging features, but they also need to align with environmental efforts.

Since the physical elements of properties are out of PRs’ hands, knowing what details to pitch to the media is crucial.  As is the case for the marcomms industry as a whole, creativity is key. Overall, a good rule of thumb for getting media interested in covering a development is to consider what tenants or residents will find exciting about the property. Berman concludes, “Press will come for buildings that generally are places that people want to work, live, play or stay. Not only are these buildings exemplary of the new order, but these buildings will be the ones that stand the test of time.”