December 7, 2021
Staff Picks: Podcasts

Karyn Houde, Managing Director: “I really like the podcast Clotheshorse. I’m interested in supporting true ‘sustainable’ and ‘ethical’ fashion brands and vintage/second hand clothing. There are major impacts in the fashion industry in general, not just with fast fashion brands, relating to the environment, excess waste, over-production and consumption, poor living wages and working conditions for garment workers and the greenwashing of labels claiming to be ‘sustainable’ for marketing purposes.”

Michelle LaRocca, Creative Director: “I’m a big fan of Armchair Expert. It’s a weekly podcast hosted by Dax Shepard and Monica Padman.They have interviewed everyone from Bradley Cooper to Bill Gates. I love it.” 

“I also would be doing a disservice if I didn’t mention another of my favorites: How I Built This. I love hearing about how companies were built and the story behind them. Highly entertaining and informative.” 

Teddy Burnette, Account Executive: “There are a couple of podcasts that I’ve really enjoyed listening to over the last year or so. One is the Otherppl Podcast, hosted by Brad Listi with 745(!) episodes and counting, who interviews authors from a wide-range of styles and genres about their life and process. Even if you haven’t read any books by the authors, each episode is still a genuinely great listen each time.” 

“Another great podcast is the How Long Gone podcast, which is hosted by Chris Black and Jason Stewart. They put out a lot of episodes, and they’re usually very comical conversations with guests or between the hosts, about culture, fashion, food, news and New York City, among lots of other random topics.” 

Johann Hamilton, Senior Account Executive: “I really enjoy the podcast, Hello From the Magic Tavern, which merges the fantasy genre with some of the best improv I’ve ever heard. It’s a humorous time throughout.” 

“Another great podcast that only recently was recommended to me is The Always Sunny Podcast, which is hosted by the stars of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, now the longest running American sitcom in history! It’s so much listening to them reminisce about the show’s 14 seasons. Any fan would love this one.” 

Kate Harrington, Managing Director: “I have two podcasts to recommend. One is Pod Save America, which brings together four former aides to President Obama, who speak candidly and clearly about politics and the news in a way it’s hard to find anywhere else. The other podcast I want to mention is Freakonomics, which explores all the things you didn’t know, and all the things you didn’t want to know, and explains them in an easy to understand format each week. There’s even been a couple commercial real estate CEOs on the podcast before, making it a great listen for professionals in the PR industry as well.”